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If Trojan Remover finds a file or program it does not recognise being loaded by the system files or a Startup Group it pops up an Alert box (depending on the Alert Viewing Option chosen). The Alert will show the name and location of the called program and state whether an executable file with this name has been located in the path.


** Note **

If Trojan Remover is not able to locate the file this does not necessarily mean that it does not exist. Trojan Remover may have difficulty locating files on ancillary drives. If the location of the file is shown as being on a different drive to that from which Trojan Remover is run you should attempt to manually locate the file.


Trojan Remover will compare the name of the file to a database of known Malware files. Should the names match a warning will be displayed.


If the file exists, Trojan Remover will scan it to see if it contains Malware. If the file is suspect a warning will be displayed.


When a file is suspect the Details button will be activated. Clicking on this button will open the Malware Reference Database and display details on the Malware.


Should the Malware be known to make system modifications and you elect to take action on it, Trojan Remover will offer to reset any changes made by the Malware.


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